Cosmetic Seals

Sikorski Industrie Separateur rouge

F.Sikorski Industrie is a supplier of polyethylene gaskets and specializes in the transformation of PE liner for the manufacture of flat gaskets for sealing caps and covers of aqueous products, we provide you help for your small, medium and large series.

Our activity for cutting cosmetic seals of PE liner for the protection of formulas is distinguished in three sub-categories :

  • The supply of seals in polyethylene liner Triseal F217®, PolySeal HD, Trésylène® and other HDPE or simple PE foam seals for the sealing of caps and stoppers.

We have the possibility of producing adhesive liner versions (kiss-cutting) on paper tape, these adhesive seals will then be sent in the form of coils packaged in cardboard with PE bags in order to keep your products in good conditions.

  • The cutting of ring seals in trial and PolySeal or HDPE seal in the form of a ring, washer seal for sealing pumps and sprays.

This cutting is also our specialty, our experience in this domain for more than 30 years has allowed us to experience a large number of problems all solved for the greatest satisfaction of our customers.

  • Plasticalaires : The manufacture of fine plastic gaskets for the setting of the collar on the bottle in the perfume sector, often used when the tolerances in the glassware are important and the diameter of the ferrule is too small, we allow you to save time during your assemblies and avoid glue dots on the collar.

Place your gasket on the ferrule, push in the collar, the bottle is saved and the consumer is satisfied with a product that meets their expectations. (Thickness 10 to 30/ 100th).

Other fields of activity