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Sikorski Industrie Separateur rouge

Processing of adhesive rubber foams and manufacturer for automotive and heavy goods vehicle equipment manufacturers. We are a supplier of cut-out flat gaskets for waterproofing, foam inserts, adhesive gaskets, cut-out textile soundproofing, acoustic coverings and TEP PVC interior trim.

F. Sikorski Industrie cuts all types of elastomer seals and foam parts essential for the well-being and comfort of motorists.

Rubber gasket, rubber washer, polyurethanes foam gasket, polyethylene foam gasket, cellulose wadding soundproofing; TEP PVC coated fabrics and TEP PU fabrics for interior trim pieces such as Gap Hider or door panel, textile felt with FMVSS302 classification, cut out rubber foam seal (cellular rubber seal), adhesive seal for parts with one or two adhesive sides.

F. Sikorski Industrie is a supplier of unitary and serial seals, whether in total cut or kiss-cut* (*seal in pre-cut coil) for all types of flexible materials : cellular EPDM, seals and inserts in PE foam and PU foam…

F. Sikorski Industrie also offers you the cutting of seals equipped with a gripping tab* (* protruding paper tab) to facilitate peeling of adhesive paper before gluing the adhesive seal.

Moreover, we adapt us to the needs of your specific packaging for the presentation and distribution of parts and flat gaskets cut on assembly stations since we produce coils of gaskets in half-flesh cut to facilitate the picking of your parts by the operators, or the seal cut in bulk and unplugged so as not to pollute your environment.

All these productions are subject to rigorous quality monitoring according to the ISO 9001 V2015 standard. This certification is very important to us and provides our customers with security during the assembly process by also ensuring AQP deliveries.

F. Sikorski Industrie has been ISO certified since 1997.

The maximum cutting format on our presses is 1600x2000x 100mm (thickness), this format allows us to offer cutting of large parts generally used for soundproofing vehicles, interior trim of the passenger compartment, or also allows to manage a maximum of impressions on our cutting tools in order to optimize the widths of the cut materials and the processing rates.

We also offer « custom cutting »of your products, with rigorous monitoring of consumption and waste. You have perfect visibility of material consumption.

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