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Sikorski Industrie Separateur rouge

F.SIKORSKI Industrie, expert in foam and rubber cutting, produce multiple foam rubber products related to its industrial activity of transformation and seal cutting.

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Vignette carré adhesifs industriels

Industrial adhesives

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Building seals

Vignette carré pieces equipementiers

Auto parts suppliers and toolers

Main transformed materials

  • Transfered, nonwoven, thread adhesive
  • Foam slab PE, PU ether ester
  • Compact, bubbled, silicone rubber
  • Rubber EPDM 70sh
  • Rubber SBR 70sh
  • Rubber CR 65sh
  • Rubber NBR 70sh
  • Rubber NR Para 45sh
  • Compact silicone and spongy silicone
  • Coated and Needle loom felt pen
  • Cardboard box, paper, fabric and wadding
  • Sfiloïd = type of Rhodoïd®
  • PVC, PP and other thin plastics
  • Triseal® F217-3, Polyseal HDPE
  • Any other non-ferrous material
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Sikorski Industrie Separateur rouge

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Sikorski Industrie Separateur rouge

Compact and Bubbled Veneer

Furniture of any types of rubber roller, supplier of rubber slab composed of specifc mix or norm at tight tolerance if necessary
(for example on an 300x300xep1mm à +/-0,1mm format)

Sikorski Industrie can also provides you any types of rubber industrial rug : stripped rug, checker rug or ball rug for different domains:

Interior rug for utility vehicle
Trailer floor protection rug
Rugs for the horse riding sector and stables
Protective and non-slip rugs for Van
Workshop and workstation protection

Providing of a large range of non-tiredness rugs to equip workstations in companies.
Those rugs are specially designed to improve work and security conditions.

There is a vast range adapted to different environment in companies, don’t hesitate to ask us, we can search and find an adapted solution to your activity.



Sikorski Industrie Separateur rouge

Foam PE and PU Veneer

Suppliance of polythene and polyurethane foam slab

A large range of density is available for PE foam and PU foam at standard thickness (ask us).

Polythene foam slabs can be used in different domains for different uses of blocking, acoustic foam, protection rugs… with or without the adhesive side. The PE polythene foam slab are available in different densities/different sizes and different colors.