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We are all aware of the difficulties encountered by VSEs and SMEs in making themselves known commercially. Industry fairs, sales agencies and other social networks provide significant help. But sometimes, it is not enough. That’s why, F.Sikorski Industrie has decided several years ago to no longer isolate itself on industrial markets by setting up exchanges and partnerships with industrialists from different sectors in order to create synergies and provide its customers a comprehensive solution.

We are gradually creating a network of companies from different sectors of activity and of course complementary on many projects and strengthening our representation with a distribution network including the company ALL PRODUCTS headed by Mr. Alexandre LEFEBVRE who is currently the main representative of our products:

Why looking for suppliers far from each other when solutions exist in the same city, in the same department, in the same region?
Competitiveness in the markets starts there! This economic intelligence approach allows our entities to differentiate themselves from the competition and access new markets by offering global and local supplies.

Do not hesitate to consult us for all your needs in foam and rubber seal cutting, extrusion for flexible, reinforced extruded profiles, elastomer modling, plastic injection with or without inserts, PVC soaking, fitting out carpet floors, rubber, manufacture of protections, Bellows and PVC covers…

Our teams are at your disposal to answer your requests and to meet you!

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