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F. Sikorski Industrie, partner of the Fabrication Française Développement Company « FFDev », develop and distribute their first product: « Fishbone ».
This young company will aim to create, develop and distribute French-made products. Our production tool will be the technical and industrial support for its first launches.

L’arête de poisson de FFDev

Thanks to l’Arête de Poisson de FFDev, you have a simple and effective system for maintaining and adjusting your masks.
Elle est :

  • Eco-responsible and economical: Reusable, cleanable with alcohol or in the washing machine with your washable masks.

  • Confortable, résistante et légère: Made of white high density polyethylene foam, it offers excellent mechanical resistance to tearing with reduced weight. It adapts to all skull shapes, adults or children, and is quickly forgotten.

  • 100% Recyclable like a water bottle and certified: This foam widely used in the medical field, cosmetic products… It meets all the requirements in terms of European pharmacopoeia, food (FDA), REACH, ROHS, EN-671-3: toy safety, skin contact, etc.

  • Adjustable: Beyond adjusting the tension of the mask elastic, it can be adjusted with a simple cut of the scissors.

  • Thanks to its lowered position, the mask is better placed on the face and limits the creation of fogging on the glasses.

Arete de poisson
Flyer arete de poisson

Fabrication Française Développement

This website is available for sales for privates, of course for professionals interested and who have a supplier account can contact and directly negotiate with All Products for bigger volumes.
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Delivery within 48/72 hours in Metropolitan France.